Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bunny and squirrel

Sometimes it's fun to get a look into the usually unseen lives of wild animals. Yesterday morning, I looked out my kitchen window and saw a rabbit in my back yard, near one of the willow trees. My lawn is full of clover in back, so this is pretty common.

What was uncommon, was that this bunny was hopping around like mad and I could tell that there was something else out there too. I soon saw that it was a common gray squirrel, which appeared to be playing tag with the bunny. The squirrel would dart in and poke the rabbit with his nose. The rabbit would jump up in alarm, then spring through the air to land on the squirrel. Except the squirrel was always somewhere else. All of the airborne antics reminded me a bit of the kung-fu scene from the Matrix.

Occasionally, the bunny would launch a furious assault and drive the squirrel up onto the trunk of the willow tree. After which, content in his victory, the bunny went back to munching clovers, actually turning his back on the squirrel in disdain. If the bunny could talk, and was an internet nerd, he'd have said "Pwned!"

Until the squirrel sneaked down out of the tree and poked the gloating rabbit in the tail. Then the battle was on once again. This particular scenario repeated twice until the squirrel apparently got bored and wandered off. But up until that point, it was some quality backyard entertainment for us.

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