Thursday, October 15, 2009

Time After Time

Just a quick update to my blog about Heroes - I read online somewhere (can't find it just now, Google is toying with me) Tim Kring (creator of Heroes) lamenting over the challenges that ensue when you introduce time travel into your show. In this case, he was referring to "master of space and time" Hiro Nakamura. I think Kring and the current stable of writers might be missing a big opportunity, however. Since they have Hiro anyway, and since they've been plagued with a show that never quite seems to live up to the potential it had in the first season, I suggest that they just hit the old reset button. Throw out everything that's happened since some point near the end of season 1 or early in season 2, and start over. It might seem like a cop out to some, but, hell, given the steadily dwindling ratings over the last few seasons, it might be worth a shot.

There, that's my contribution to sci-fi TV for the day. You're welcome!

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