Wednesday, June 30, 2010


It's taking me quite an effort to type this. Yesterday, I did something to my shoulder. I have no clear idea what it was - it just started to ache in the afternoon and got progressively worse until I could no longer raise my arm without extreme pain. By bedtime, the pain was constant even when I was trying to sit completely still. It was bad enough that I considered going to the emergency room. Sleeping was quite an adventure. Using Icy-Hot hadn't done anything, so for bed I mixed myself a little medicinal cocktail of Tylenol, sleeping pills, and an ice pack. It wasn't my most restful night ever, but I survived it. By morning the persistent pain was gone and it's back to only hurting when I try to use my arm. It's a good thing I don't have karate this week - there's no way.

So what's the impact of this injury?
  • My blog will be offline until I can type without extreme discomfort.
  • I sure as hell won't be doing any more swimming (open swim having been one of the possible causes if this pain)
  • Working on my novel is in doubt for the next couple of days, though my keyboard tray on that computer is low enough that I might be able to do it.
  • Attending Mock Faire Day at Sterling tomorrow is in doubt.
  • Attending the Sterling Renaissance Faire this weekend is in doubt.
So that's it. I'm off - need to get a fresh ice pack.


  1. Thanks, Largo! It's getting a little better every day - by last night I could raise my arm a few inches, and today I'm almost up to a foot.