Friday, July 2, 2010

Schedule Update

I finally managed to get a post up this morning, albeit quite late. But there it is, just the same. I wasn't home all day on Thursday, so I had more catching-up to do than I'd anticipated and it slowed me down.

My shoulder is about 60% healed at this point. It seems to get around 20% better with each passing day - yesterday I could raise my arm about a foot or so, today I can get it almost out straight before I hit the pain threshold. I'm hopeful that by Sunday or Monday it should be almost back to normal if it continues at this rate.

Speaking of Monday, I'm planning to take the holiday weekend off from blogging. Look for a fresh blog post on Tuesday, hopefully dealing with our trip to the Renaissance Faire this weekend. In addition, I've got articles in mind on several novels I'd like to review, plus a very old TV Miniseries my wife and I just finished watching, so keep an eye out for those. Sadly, I've hardly touched my novel this week at all, so nothing new to report there. Chapter 15 is still undergoing major reconstructive surgery and I expect that to continue well into next week.

Have a lovely Independence Day!

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