Monday, January 3, 2011

Computer Challenges

My main PC - the one I use to play games, surf the web, and write this blog - is on the fritz. It started to blue screen last week, and it got progressively worse to the point where it now blue-screens and auto-reboots within a minute or two after I power it up. DELL will be sending out a tech and some replacement parts later this week, but until that time I'm a little stuck. I can do everything (except the gaming) on my work PC - the one I use to write - but if I'm going to go downstairs and fire up that machine, I really ought to spend that time working on my book. After having the kids home for the holidays, the last two weeks have been incredibly unproductive. The other option is to use this really crappy old laptop we've got, but the comma key only works if I press it really hard and the wireless connection only works if the moon is full and the stars are properly-aligned. I can stand it for short bursts, but then I need either a comma or a web page and I get a desire to smash.

So... I can't predict how much Virtual Vellum you'll be getting this week. I've got some ideas I want to cover, including a 2010 year in review and a spoiler-ful analysis of TRON: Legacy, I'm just not sure when/how I'll get them posted. Bear with me - we'll get to them eventually.

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