Thursday, August 13, 2009

In which Mike stumbles, bleary-eyed, to his PC

streeeetch; yawn

Just back from a 2-day vacation in Rochester, NY, hence no post this morning (though I did manage to write a couple in advance so they'd pop on Tuesday and Wedensday while I was gone). If the kids cooperate, I'll get something up later today.

A big thanks to everybody who checked out my story on Monday, and especially those who sent or posted feedback (here or on various discussion forums). For material that basically (and intentionally) went from pen to publication, I'm very happy with the comments I got. I've got many changes I mean to make, and I still need to review the feedback from Monday night's writer's roundtable from which I'll likely get more ideas. But nowhere did I hear "this is crap," and I think I would have gotten that sort of candid input if it just plain sucked. Of course, I wouldn't have put it up (or dived into the world of being a fiction writer) if I had thought it was rubbish or that I wasn't capable of telling the difference. Still, validation's nice. Nobody wants to be one of the talent-less rejects from the first week of American Idol who believes that they've got the singing voice of a songbird when in fact they sound more like a bullfrog with a sinus infection.

Which, now that I think on it, pretty well sums up my singing voice. Just not my writing style.

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