Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Nothing New Today

With school starting and various other stuff going on, today is about 50 different kinds of crazy. Look for a new blog entry on Wednesday and thanks for stopping by.

Actually, "thanks for stopping by" puts me in mind of this toy my kids used to have. It was awesome - probably the single most-used toy they ever owned. It was a Winnie-the-Pooh toy with four different colored pegs, each in a different shape. The pegs could be put through various doors and slides in the toy, or could be inserted into corresponding depressions at the front of it. When you got the right colored/shaped peg into the correct depression, one of the characters would congratulate you. The game would also verbally challenge the player to get the pegs into the right spaces, along the lines of "Can you find the red square?"

As I said, it was a great toy and very popular with my kids, including my daughter. However she didn't fully appreciate all aspects of it. My daughter never cared for deep voices in her toys, and in this device the "red square" corresponded to Eeyore. When you got the peg in the right place, it would say in Eeyore's deep, slow, indolent drawl "Thanks for stopping by." Which she hated and did her best to avoid at all costs. She NEVER pressed the red square on purpose.

So when my daughter was posed the question, "Can you find the red square?" she would tell the toy, "NO!" It would ask her again and again, and each time her reply was the same. I don't recall that either of them ever really won that argument.

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