Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Chapter 4 Ho!

Writing Update

I missed my normal post today. Fear not, I'll make tomorrow's extra-good. Ok, not really - it'll be about what you usually get. Which, if you're reading this, you must like or you wouldn't still be here. So there.

Anyway, today I revisited chapters 1-3, making some (mostly minor) adjustments based on the transcription of my notes, then proceeded on to begin chapter 4. It's barely begun, but tomorrow my whole focus will be on that chapter, as well as figuring out what to do with the little "partial chapter" I wrote a while back that currently doesn't have a home, but really needs to go somewhere in the vicinity of chapter 2.

If all goes really well tomorrow, I could conceivably complete chapter 4 and even touch on chapter 5, but let's not get crazy. Besides, the school district already sent out an email that they'll be watching the weather in the morning for possible delays. So much for a precious entire, uninterrupted day to focus on writing. Ugh!

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