Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Student's Creed - "See It. Believe It. Achieve It!"

That's the motto at FiveStar Martial Arts, and it's one of the best motivational expressions you'll find. We all want to achieve - life is a series of stretches, of challenges, of striving for that which brings you joy, prosperity, and satisfaction. And we've each been given the tools - are you ready to use them?

Visualization is a vital first step. See yourself winning. See yourself in a better place than you're in today. Seeing your dreams as concrete and attainable lets you start on the path to winning them. Start by seeing your goal in front of you, then imagine the path you'll need to take to get there. It doesn't matter if it's a rocky, difficult road. The best things in life come to us because we put our all into them.

Belief is the second step. Faith and confidence in yourself are mighty motivators. You know you're going to try your best because you sincerely believe it. We've all seen the difference in the success rate between when we really, really want something and when we just don't care. Getting pumped-up, getting excited - that's what brings the energy to power your dreams. That's what charges you up to reach beyond what you have and exceed the limits that are holding you back. Believe your dreams are reachable and believe you've got what it takes to be what and who you want to be. That firm belief will carry you miles farther than you'll ever get without it.

Achievement is the final step. When you see your goals and believe in yourself, you're going to achieve. Knowing what you want and trying your best are proven to take you somewhere. You won't always hit the bulls-eye the first time. You may not always end up precisely where you expected, because there are no guarantees and let nobody tell you life is fair. But visualizing your objectives and having confidence in your capacity to reach for them are absolutely the best, most reliable, most repeatable ways of improving your life and getting to where you want to be.

Everybody wants to live their dreams, and it's focus, dedication and work that make dreams take form. You absolutely can focus on making your dreams a reality. You absolutely can commit yourself to achieving those dreams. Add that focus and that commitment together and you're on your way to success in life.

See it. Believe it. Achieve it. In the martial arts; in business; in your relationships with friends and family; and in your personal and professional growth. What do you see yourself achieving?

The Student's Creed is a series of blog articles I'm posting at the ChampionsWay martial arts community. Since most of my Virtual Vellum readers probably don't visit that site, I'm posting them here as well.

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