Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Where'd Tuesday's Post Go?

Thanks to the dozen or so folks who stopped by on Tuesday. Sorry there was no blog post on Tuesday - I was absolutely swamped. The kids had two fillings first thing in the morning, and getting them there in time was a major task. That was followed by runs to two different drugstores trying to get an old single-use camera developed, then a haircut (which was several months overdue, honestly), then a quick lunch, a trip BACK to the drugstore to pick up the pics (well, the blank negatives - none of the pics came out), then coffee with some good friends, then a meeting at my kids school, then homework and a quick dinner for the kids, then karate, then... huff, huff, huff.

So anyway, yeah. No post on Tuesday. Sorry. And then what do I do? I turn around and give you this crappy post on Wednesday? I agree - totally lame.

Some brief updates, I suppose:

- The electric guitar is still awesome, though I can't really play it any better than I could play my acoustic. Probably worse.

- The writing has been underwhelming so far this week, but I'm looking forward to surging ahead over the next couple of days.

- Karate's going great - my family is "Spotlighting" this week for our purple belts, which is to say we're basically taking our Purple Belt test. The "graduation" ceremony pretty well assumes that you're going to get your new belt, as you've already demonstrated that you know the techniques. We're also attending our first "Elite" class on Friday, which means... I have no idea, actually. Sounds cool, though. Last week they started to learn the Bo staff.

- I'm strongly considering attending an Aikido seminar this weekend, which would be fantastic! I haven't done Aikido in over fifteen years and I miss it very much.

That's about it - I'll try to finish a real post for tomorrow.

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