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[D&D] Monster Mythology - Jurlexatial the Reclaimer

Through the web forums at Purple, the "Home of 2nd Edition AD&D," I've decided to join in on the "Monster Mythology" project, at least with one entry. I remember being really fond of the "Complete Book of Humanoids" - it opened up a whole plethora of new races and cultures to explore. I liked it so much that I even ran an all-humanoid campaign for a short time. We didn't get very far with it, but I had fun designing the campaign and the adventures, including a god just for humanoids, with his own history, goals, challenges, and priestly class. And so I give you Jurlexatial the Reclaimer!

Jurlexatiel, the Reclaimer  - god of all humanoids
    Other names:        Jurlexatial the Overlord - ancient
                                 Jurl, the All-Father
                                 Jurl, One-Eye
                                 Khurmidg - gnoll for “hunter”
                                 Vurkhon - hobgoblin for “father”
                                 The Reborn (new)
                                 The Vanquisher (new)
                                 Dark Father

[As described by Murlek, ancient Orcish prophet]
When the world was new and the gods were young, Jurlexatial and his fellow deities ruled the land and heavens. Each took a part in creating the land and its inhabitants. Thus were the men and elves and dwarves and animals born. Some gods took sway over the forests, some the heavens, others the meek. There were gods for building, for music and dance, gods of duty and gods of darkness. Jurlexatial, for his part, was primarily one of the latter. He chose to create animals of strength and cunning to populate the forests. His creations preyed upon the weak and slow and kept them from becoming too numerous.

One day, while walking in the gardens of heaven, the Hunter came upon a maiden goddess who had given wisdom and skill to man and elf and dwarf. Overcome with desire, Jurlexatial forced himself upon this goddess in the gardens. He then dragged her unconscious body to his home and kept her there.

Each morning, the Overlord would come to her and demand that she swear her undying devotion to him. He would then give her until nightfall to consider her answer. Each dusk, Jurlexatial would return and each dusk the goddess would spit in his face. Each night he would ravish and beat her until she fell unconscious, then leave again to hunt with his animals. As an immortal, the goddess knew that this daily beating could continue for eternity.

She began to foster a hatred for the god of the hunt which overcame even her immense wisdom. As time progressed, the seeds of Jurlexatial's assaults began to germinate and the goddess grew large with child. As the months passed, the goddess grew as large as a hut, and the Hunter became anxious to see his children.

Seeing that her impregnation pleased Jurlexatial, the goddess bent her thoughts inward. In each child's mind, she planted a hatred for Jurlexatial as blinding as her own. Their minds and bodies became twisted with a thirst for blood. While implanting this hatred, she also robbed them of the wisdom which she had given to man. Every day she infused her offspring with the cruelest thoughts and the most burning hatred.

Eventually, the goddess became so swollen that she burst, and from her ruptured corpse emerged the sons of Jurlexatial. So were born the gods of the bugbears, gnolls, hobgoblins, kobolds, lizard men, ogres, and orcs. They sprang, fully-grown, from their mother and immediately devoured her.
Jurlexatiel was pleased with his progeny. They carried many of the characteristics of his hunting animals, yet stood erect and showed intelligence. Naming himself the All-father, Jurlexatial immediately began to train his sons to hunt and track and live in the wilds. He taught them the secrets of creation and magic. When he felt they had learned all he could teach them, he gave them power over his creations and retired to the great forest to spend the rest of eternity hunting.

[As revealed to the new Disciples of Jurlexatial]
In fact, the sons of Jurlexatial did not wait for their father to leave on his own. When they felt they had learned enough, they rose against him and destroyed him, or so they thought. They then used their limited abilities to create followers in their own images, and set them into the forests and hills and caves where they would be safe from the children of the other gods. Though they took great interest in their offspring, they were never true gods and did not possess the power of their father. Thus, their shamans and witch doctors could never hope to wield magic like their human and elven counterparts and their children were safe only in great numbers.

That was thousands of years ago. Jurlexatial has now awakened from his death-like slumber. Weakened by his long absence and lack of worshipers, he cannot yet deal with his sons. Instead, he has reached out to the minds of his sons' creations and offered them power in return for service. Centuries from now, when his priests have sway over large tribes of humanoids, Jurlexatial plans to wipe out all of his sons' shamans and kill each of the sons in turn. Then, he will claim what he feels is the humanoids' rightful place in the world. He believes that humans and demi-humans have thrived unfairly because the humanoids had only demi-gods to watch over them. Jurl plans to launch a crusade against the humans, with an army of humanoids in his service.

Jurlexatial - Intermediate/Greater God
Jurl has always been a cold, blood-thirsty hunter. He is a god of carnivores. He takes what he wants and needs, disregarding others. He is a master hunter and warrior, thrilling in conquest and bloodshed.
The overlord deeply resents both the actions of his sons and the fact that his "people" are being driven deeper into the forests as mankind and demi-humans expand their territory. He welcomes all humanoids to his breast and seeks to unite them. He is no paragon of wisdom, but has an animal cunning and an innate sense of the hunt which makes him extraordinarily dangerous in battle.

Check back for priest and paladin character class descriptions for followers of Jurlexatial! If you like this or use it in your game, I'd love to hear from you.

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