Thursday, November 19, 2009


No, it's not homophobic - that's actually what it's called. Let me clarify - I parked next to this today:

It was certainly an eyebrow-raising experience to see this thing parked at a Panera Bread in Clay, NY. But the story behind it is very interesting. You can check out the website at but the short version is that the car's owner had anti-gay graffiti sprayed onto her VW bug a couple of years ago and decided to leave it there. She's since driven the car all over the country, worked on films and books about the experience, kept a blog about the whole experience, and given lectures and interviews pretty much everywhere. In the process she's sold t-shirts and stickers to keep herself on the road, driven in various gay parades and had the car "wrapped" in the rainbow pattern with logo that you see in the picture (it used to be just gray). Whatever your thoughts on the issues she's addressing, there's no question that the car's a real attention-getter.

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