Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Blood, Sweat & Tears (now with more blood!)

A writing update

Today was the most productive day I've had in quite some time. I got nothing at all done on Sunday and very little done on Monday, but today almost made up for it. Woo! Feels good!

My success was not without a cost, however. I have now shed blood for my art. It's true - as I was flipping pages in my notepad, it gave me a big, honkin' paper cut! It bled and everything! I tried to put a band-aid on it, but it made my finger too stiff and I couldn't type, so infection and pain be damned I ripped it off!

Hmm. I wonder where I left it?

Even in spite of my grievous wound, I went on to not only consolidate several Word documents full of story notes for my primary novel, but I devoured the remaining handwritten notes in that notepad and put it out to pasture. I suspect it knew that was coming and bit me out of fear of being abandoned.

So I now have only one partially-full notepad to transcribe, plus a single word document full of notes that I need to copy and paste into my OneNote notebook. Once that's finished, I ought to be able to devote the bulk of my time to writing new material and only a small chunk of it on research and rumination. And hopefully even less time bleeding.

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