Tuesday, December 22, 2009

[Book Update] Storyline is DONE!

I've been struggling for weeks (well, for most of the year, really, but it got real important around a month ago when I sat down to write in earnest) to figure out the specifics of this story I had to tell. I had a lot of the pieces, but there were huge gaps and they weren't all necessarily in order. And some of them potentially contradicted each other. I needed to have a cohesive, logical story progression at some point. And it was increasingly clear that just sitting down and writing, letting the story grow organically, wasn't going to work for me. This is a complex enough tale that I needed to know what the hell was going on before I got too deeply into the narrative.

Well, now I know. And I'm thrilled with it! This is a story I really want to read and I'm more enthusiastic than ever to get it written.

But right now, just having everything finally fall into place has me flying high. As the Marines say, "OohRah!"

Damn, this feels good!

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