Friday, February 19, 2010

Finishing out the Week

It's been a long one. Not in a bad way. Actually, a lot of it was really good. The kids, for instance, were extremely well-behaved all week. Everything got done that needed to get done - doctor appointments, karate lessons, instrument practice, even trips to the movies and the zoo. Plus more mundane stuff - like everybody getting fed (even the fish) and chores getting done.

One thing that did not get done was any writing. It drives me crazy that it's so easy to get knocked off my routine every time there's a school holiday or a half-day or a kid home sick. I've been working on this book for two and a half months already and I'm nowhere near half done with it as I'd really wanted to be at this point. Next weekend, I'm going to need to get back to work, bigtime.

Blog-wise, though, I've actually got a plan for once. My wife's travel this week got me thinking about my own travel experiences and everything I learned about how to keep the stress and hassles to a minimum. I actually got pretty good at traveling when I was doing it all the time, so now I'm going to share my tips. That will be the bulk of the blog for next week. So come on back Monday for Part 1 of "Oh, the Places You'll Go - and how to get there without going nuts."

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