Wednesday, February 3, 2010

[Insert Clever Title]

I tried to think of a good title for this post, but I've got nothing. Except, I suspect, bronchitis. After being sick for around a week with no sign of improvement (if anything, I felt worse yesterday rather than better) I'm going to call the doctor today and see if I can get in. Yup, can't think of anything else to write here, either.

Oh yeah, except that the second installment of my wife's attempt to create the classic Calvin & Hobbes Snowmen Comic Strips entirely out of cookies is out.  That link will gather any and all related articles together - past, present, and future, so it's a good one to use anytime you want to see if she's created another new one. Isn't she clever?!

See you Thursday.

Noon update (for everybody who's just sitting there hitting the refresh button on their browser in hopes that I'll provide fresh info about my condition. Hi Mom.): Went to the doctor. Bronchitis and a probable sinus infection. Now I'm popping these enormous yellow antibiotic pills to kill it all dead. DEAD!! I actually feel almost human today, so hopefully I'll be back in the swing of things by tomorrow. Thanks for checking in.

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