Saturday, April 17, 2010

We Did It!

I've mentioned a couple of times recently that my family and I had joined a karate dojo and were preparing for our first belt test. It was last night and we are all now freshly-minted yellow belts!

The test was brutal, at least in comparison to our regular classes. It was a mix of all adults who were testing for belt promotion, so it included candidates from white through brown belts, many of whom are surely used to a more intense workout than I am. Even my wife was dripping with sweat, so I know it wasn't (just) me being a wimp. I made it all the way to the end, however, only having to stop for a drink once. Then I staggered out to my car and home, not even stopping for Chinese food as I'd planned.

Feels good to have made it, though. The kids did a great job and were extremely well-behaved for the hour they had to sit through the adult test.


  1. Great job! Could you get out of bed this morning?

  2. It was a bit of a struggle, but I managed to hobble downstairs. Had some breakfast, then took a little nap. Got up, hobbled around, took another nap. By early afternoon, I'd figured out I needed to stop trying to get up. :D

  3. Congrats to one and all. Hope by now you are back to your old limber self. :-)

  4. Hah, well to the extent that my "self," old or new, was ever limber, yes, I recovered. Until tonight, when we attended our first yellow-belt class (which is 50% longer than the white-belt classes) and now I'm wiped out again. Ugh.