Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I'm having a blast this Christmas season. I'm not really sure what's different, or if anything's different. I always enjoy Christmas. But from Christmas carols to Lights on the Lake to my annual foray as Kris Kringle, himself, it's just been a great season so far. And there's still more to come, of course - it's only the 22nd, after all!

I'm very much looking forward to Christmas Eve. My wife has the day off from work, so she'll be home all day. We'll be furiously cooking and cleaning, I'm sure, as we've got company coming that evening. We always do Christmas Eve for the family at our house, and since my parents head to Florida for the winter and my brother lives on the West Coast, we end up entertaining my in-laws, who are a great bunch. And as much as I'm trying to watch my weight, all bets are off for Christmas Eve and Christmas day. For instance, on Christmas Eve, we're having:

A pastry-wrapped brie w/ crackers
Garlic toast
Meatballs in sauce (courtesy of my sister-in-law Diane)
Lasagna marinara
Chicken Alfredo broccoli lasagna (courtesy of my brother-in-law's "future ex-wife" (as he calls her) Heidi)
Green bean casserole

And probably some other stuff I'm forgetting. I can't describe how much I'm looking forward to the Alfredo lasagna - from the first time I heard it mentioned, it just sounded delicious. And, somewhat oddly, I'm looking forward to the green bean casserole for no reason I can express other than it just sounds really festive and good.

For Christmas, I'm planning to have:
A ham
My home-made whipped potatoes
Frozen corn

Hmm, we're going to need some more stuff for Christmas. I wonder what? I'll have to talk to the wife about it.

Yeah, I don't think I'll bother to count calories on Friday or Saturday. I'm just going to enjoy the celebration and the spirit of the season.

I hope you do, as well! Have a very merry Christmas, and check back here for another article on Monday of next week.

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