Wednesday, January 27, 2010

[Viral] Jeff & Erin's Epic Wedding

It's not often that Good Morning America gets in on the ground floor of a viral video - it usually seems like the news organizations pick up on this stuff after everybody else on the web has already seen it. This one appears to be an exception. A guy named Jeff Wong is engaged to a woman named Erin Martin. Instead of sending out the usual "save the date" cards to their friends and family to announce their wedding, Jeff (who apparently works in film production) decided to create a film "trailer." It's four minutes of familiar themes from hit movies like Kill Bill, The Terminator, The Matrix, Indiana Jones and I even think I heard the Judge Dredd music in there at one point. All of that's mixed in with footage of Jeff and Erin looking romantic or looking tough or playing the piano or doing martial arts. It's remarkably well-done and worth checking out. Here's the trick, though - at some point after posting it online, they marked it "private" on YouTube, which means most people can't see it there. There's a heavily-edited version up on an NBC website, but the Huffington Post has it in its full, explosive, geek-tastic glory.

Check it out here.

So, good luck Jeff & Erin. You've set a high bar (which, given Jeff's height could be a real problem) - may your next ten years and beyond be as rich and exciting and adventurous as that video implied your last ten have been. Or something. Neat video, anyway.

Oh yeah, so what's this got to do with GMA? Nothing, except that I saw the video on the show this morning. They didn't have it up on their website, though, more's the pity, so I had to hunt it down elsewhere. Kudos to the Huffington Post for grabbing this.

Update: upon further research, I discovered that they originally put up the video back in November. So much for GMA getting in on the ground floor. Still, it looks like it only really went viral recently.

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